Cricket betting odds at Bet365

T: Cricket betting odds — a guide for beginners

D: How to choose the best cricket betting odds? Read the short guide for beginners and learn how cricket betting odds work, how to understand and calculate the chances of winning big.

Cricket betting is gambling on one of the most popular sports in the world. Approximately 2.5 billion spectators watch the sport. Most fans are in India and Pakistan, but also many fans of this sport live in England, Australia and South Africa.

Cricket is a sport with a bat and a ball that originated in the United Kingdom. The first matches were held in the 19th century. Two teams of 11 athletes compete in the game. It is played on an oval grass field. In the centre of it is a pitch — a specific rectangular area.

Rosters take turns hitting the ball in the field, gaining points and preventing the enemy from collecting points. The most critical positions in the club are the man serving the ball (bowler) and the man reflecting the ball (batsman). Each move is called innings. One roster stands in the field as a whole, and the other is represented only by two batsmen.

The bowler of the first team throws the ball to the opponent batsman through the whole pitch. Batsman reflects the throw so that the ball reached the boundary of the field or flew far enough away from opponents. Then he can run to the other end of the pitch, thus earning points.

Six such pitches are called an over. A short game includes 20 overs and lasts about three and a half hours. Long test between large clubs can last up to five days.

How cricket betting odds work

The most popular type of betting on cricket in bet 365 India — on the results of matches, such as:

A player can also take cricket bet odds on tournaments. Bet365 sport offers a wager on who will reach the final of the World Cup, the T20 World Cup and the Women’s County Championship and other competitions.

Between major tournaments, competitions are held in the form of a series of matches between different associations. Say, the English team meets with Indian in several games: six-match ODI in India, Test series, T20.

Test Match Series

Test matches are played within 5 + days, which gives time to make a good strategy. Now ten countries have the status to hold tests:

The most popular test matches are The Ashes, which are played between England and Australia. Five-game series is played every four years — more precisely, home and away once in two years. They are also popular:

Cricket often experiences the patience of the audience, especially in test matches. Also, a series of cricket betting odds may vary significantly due to the weather, roster shape and other factors. Such stakes are suitable for experienced sports fans.

Day Cricket

The match is held one day, in the afternoon and the evening. ODI are usually played as three, four or five-game battles. Some nations make Tri-series: 3 teams play each other twice, then a final decides the winner.

The most popular ODI series:

Other formats

The T20 format in Bet365 sports betting is becoming more and more popular due to the fast pace. These are mainly national competitions, which are held every year in the country.

Each country organizes its own First Class and List A tournaments. The most popular of them are County Championship in England and Sheffield Shield First Class in Australia.

How to understand bet365 cricket odds

Betting odds cricket are offered in decimal or fraction format. Usually betting sites allow to customize the desired one on the site.

365 bet sets a profit margin or service fee. The fee varies from about 4—7%. The player can compare the best betting odds from different bookmakers and choose the best offer.

Say, a test match between India and England may have the following line:

Let’s say we put 100 rupees. Winning in India will give 100 x 1.5 = 150. Winning in England — 100 x 2.75 = 275 rupees. Draw — 375.

How to calculate cricket betting odds

As in any sport, fans need to get value online betting. In other words, such bets that allow getting the maximum profit. The formula calculates the value:

Value = (Decimal Odds * The Assessed Probability) — 1.

Let’s take a test game between Australia and New Zealand as an example. Cricket odds site offers 3.00 to win Australia. We did a study and found that Australia has a 40% chance of winning. Does 3.0 have any value?

Value = (3.0 * 0.40) — 1 = 1.20—1 = 0.20.

If this value is above zero, then the bet is considered worthy.

To find as much value as possible in bet365 online, a player needs to have an excellent understanding of the game. The player should know all the features, leading athletes, the shape of the teams, their advantages in long or short formats of tournaments.