CS:GO betting at Bet365 in India

CS GO betting is a relatively new phenomenon. It started to blossom in recent years with improved Internet access and organization of major tournaments. One of the most popular disciplines is online CS:GO, shooter. CSGO skins have also affected the popularity of the game.

Skins are in-game cosmetic improvements on weapons and armor. They can be sold, exchanged, played on particular websites. Logically, the CSGO skin betting feature follows from this. Ease mastering of the game and the possibility of continuous improvement are the reasons for the game’s popularity.

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In India, there are tournaments on the online shooter, such as ESL India Premiership and The Esports Club Pro League Season. The first championship was held in 2016, and since then, the shooter is actively developing. New teams are appearing, and new tournaments are being organized.

In India, there are many worthy teams, such as:

Foreign and Indian CSGO betting sites provide all opportunities for stakes on eSports. CS:GO attracts more fans, and bookmakers are eager to satisfy their needs. Bet365 offers many events in modern disciplines.

CSGO types of betting

CS GO bets combine the markets familiar from traditional sports with unique for eSports discipline.

Players can choose standard templates — bets on the winner of a match or tournament, total, over/under. But CS:GO offers exciting betting strategy opportunities. Below are the most popular special bets in bet365 online, unique for an online shooter.

  1. Knife Round Winner. The fight starts with a knife round, in which all 10 participants (2 teams of 5 men) fight each other using only knives. It decides which side the participants will play — terrorists or counter-terrorists. It is crucial because the games are played on different maps with entirely different conditions, which can favor one or another side.
  2. 1st Pistol/2nd Pistol Round Winner. Match CS:GO will be divided into two parts in 15 bouts. Each half of the game starts with a pistol one. Thus bets are placed on the first and/or second pistol fight. This first bout is key to the outcome because it is the basis of the economy. Most often, if a side wins the pistol one, it beats the whole game.
  3. Total Over/Under. Totals in CS GO bets are different from traditional ones. There are two types of these bets. A client can try to guess the Total Over/Under — how many «corpses» will be in the fight. Or he can stake on total rounds. In this case, the client wins if the team succeeds in more than 15 battles.
  4. First Kill. The first Kill is of great importance. The sooner a side kills a player of the opposing club, the sooner the record of murders in the account is opened. The participants earn points and money for the murders, so the contestants need to kill faster. The stake also affects the result!

CSGO inplay betting

CSGO inplay betting allows bets during the match. By the way, live stakes can be even more successful than pre-match. The player sees the results of the knife and first rounds, map, and side. If he knows the statistics well, he can immediately understand who will win the fight.

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Bet365 sport allows stakes on the first, fourth, and subsequent games as well as on statistics. It is possible to bet on the end of a match in a certain way (killing all five, demining, ending time). There are also bets on a specific type of killing — with sniper rifles, grenades, knives, etc.

CSGO odds

Statistical sites are beneficial for CS GO betting. HLTV.org is a portal dedicated to online shooters. A player can see all the statistics, which are possibly collected on games.

Analysis of statistics will help to choose the best odds on CSGO betting site. In this respect, eSports is no different from traditional sports. Odds are the same in decimal, fractional, or American format. The most common form is decimal. The formula calculating profits looks like this:

Winnings = (odds x stake) — stake.

Let’s take a play between Liquid and Chaos in IEM XV — New York Online: North America. The sites, such as 365 bet, give it such odds:

A team must score more winning rounds than its opponent to win.

However, the absence of a draw in CS GO online does not simplify the calculation of probabilities. In many ways, online eSports betting is more unpredictable than in conventional sports.

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In this example, if a player bets 100 rupees on Liquid, he will get 100 x 1.3 = 130. 130 minus 100 = 30 rupees. It is the net profit from the stake if the club wins.

Winning Chaos can bring 238 rupees in net profit. Yes, the deal allows bettors to get money, but the probability of this event decreases.

To make a correct prediction on CS GO online, a bettor must carefully analyze the two selected clubs’ statistics. Liquid has long been considered a strong team, but underdogs often win and faster go to the top in eSports.

Bet 365 India offers comfortable prices and conditions!