Horse racing betting at Bet365

Horse racing betting is one of the oldest types of gambling. Now it has become a multi-billion dollar industry with extensive and broad wages. It can also bring big winnings if you carefully study this sport together with 365 bets.

In India, gambling remains in the grey zone. Legally, they continue to be seen as activities that worsen economic growth and cause losses. At the moment, only Goa and Sikkim are allowed gaming in a limited form under state control. However, web stakes on horses continue to thrive, such as Bet365 online betting.

Online horse race betting in India

You can choose a stake as you wish, by name or colors, or another hint. But if a player wants to win, he should learn how to learn the features of horse racing betting games.

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The critical factors in choosing a wager:

A profitable bettor also considers the number of participants, distance, weight, and forecasts from different sources. It is also worth watching the odds offered by various bookmakers before the event. The earlier the prices are presented, the more profitable they are compared to late and in-play lines. Many bookmakers offer insurance on accumulator or first stakes.

The gambler chooses the racing for betting on horses. Here are the main varieties offered in bet 365 India:

  1. The flat is the most popular type. They are held on a flat surface of the track about 1β€”3 miles.
  2. Jump (National Hunt) β€” animals must overcome obstacles: fences, ditches, etc. To wager on them is a little more challenging because the number of factors increases.
  3. Here they compete in endurance β€” run a longer distance or a more extended period.
  4. The jockey sits in a wheelchair, and the animal must run at an individual pace and rhythm β€” trot or speed, and no galloping.
  5. The competition for speed on very short tracks!

There are other types of horse betting games, each with its features. Also, actively developing virtual races, where a random number generator determines the result of the event.

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The most popular races for online betting India:

How to bet on horse racing

Basic horse race betting includes stakes:

Each type of online horse race stakes has its own rules. It is desirable to follow them to increase your chances of winning.

  1. Across the board is a stake combined of three stake types. It should combine wagers on victory, place, and show. With it, you can insure yourself, reducing the risk of losses.
  2. Place β€” bet365 sport determines that the contestant finishes 1st or second.
  3. Show β€” the participant wins first, second, third.
  4. Win β€” the contestant takes 1st position. It has the highest odds, but the player risks more. Place and Show stakes help to insure, so their prices are slightly lower.
  5. Win-place is a combination of two wagers in bet365 online. The gambler chooses two horses: which will come in the 1st and the first or second!

There are also exotic bets, which implies a higher risk β€” but their payments are higher. That includes:

Exacta β€” the bettor wagers on the 1st and second positions, but animals must finish precisely as agreed. Otherwise, the win for Indian horse racing betting online will not be paid.

Quinella β€” the user makes stakes on the first and second positions, and both contestants can finish in any order.

Trifecta β€” the sports fan wagers on three contestants, and they must arrive 1st, second, third, according to the agreed order.

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Superfecta β€” the player makes bets on four animals, and they should finish the first β€” fourth, accordingly, as it is specified in the stake.

Horse racing odds

Horse race and bet odds vary depending on several factors:

The behavior of clients who wager more on one or the other end of the line. Bookmakers equalize their balance by recalculating coefficients during the event!

However, you should also pay attention to the type of stakes β€” they are fixed or tote. In the 1st case, the user knows exactly what he will get if he wins. Odds can change in the course of the event, but when a client makes a wager, his coefficients do not change anymore.

Tote horse racing odds are formed as a mutual pool. Winnings are distributed between bettors. The player may know the approximate coefficients, but they change after the stake is placed.

To get permanent winnings, you need to be careful about online horse racing betting. The sports fan should carefully analyze the races and choose a reliable bookmaker with fair payouts. Bet365 sports betting in India provides the best services!